20 - 21 June 2017 (Marne-La-Vallée (near Paris), France)

The INSPIRE directive cover a broad range of themes, for which national stakeholders are obliged to make data available according to implementing rules and its supporting predefined specifications, the INSPIRE data specifications.

2 December 2016

This event will focus on applications of Linked Data; Keynotes will address the state of the art in the application of Linked Data in the cultural domain; probably the domain with the highest adoption of Linked Data.

10 - 11 February 2016 (Amersfoort - Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Web location framework, unsolved issues and contributions from new technologies

Organizers : Erwin Folmer (Dutch Kadaster), Nathalie F. Abadie (IGN), Bénédicte Bucher (IGN)

24 February - 10 April 2015 (IGN France)

Linked Data is a development which seems to connect to the field of interesting of EuroSDR members in two ways : 

17 October 2014 (Saint Mandé, France)


9:00 am – 12:00 am

Welcoming participants