Official Publication No. 55 contains the final report of the EuroSDR project 'Digital Camera Calibration'
Official Publication No. 54 (2008) contains the final report on the EuroSDR CityGML Project, the Proceedings of the 'Production Partnership Management' and the 'International Calibration and Orientation Workshop EuroCOW 2008 and of the 'Geosensor Networks
Official Publication No. 53 contains the tree extraction - report of EuroSDR project
Official Publication No. 52 (2007) contains the proceedings of the international workshop 'Land and Marine Information Integration'
Official Publication No. 51 contains the final reports of the EuroSDR test "Checking and Improving of Digital Terrain Models", Reliability of direct georeferencing, Phase 1 and Phase 2
Official Publication No. 50 contains the evaluation of building extraction report, the change detection report, the sensor and data fusion contest and the automated extraction, refinement, and update of road databases
Official Publication No.5 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Les recherches expérimentales exécutées sur de longues bandes par la Commission A de l’OEEPE'
Official Publication No. 49 contains the final reports of the proceedings of EuroSDR workshop 'PAI2 Achieving Geometric Interoperability of Spatial Data', the 'Next Generation 3D City Models' and the 'Feature/Object Data Models'
Official Publication No. 48 contains the proceedings of EuroSDR workshops 'NMCA's and the Internet II', 'Ontologies & Schema Translation Services' and 'Positional Accuracy Improvement: Impacts of improving the positional accuracy of GI databases'
Official Publication No. 47 contains the proceedings of EuroSDR Workshop 'Visualisation and Rendering'
Official Publication No. 46 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'From OEEPE to EuroSDR: 50 years of European Spatial Data Research and beyond'
Official Publication No. 45 contains the OEEPE workshop on 'Next Generation Spatial Database'- 2005 and the OEEPE/ISPRS joint workshop on 'Spatial Data Quality Management'
Official Publication No. 44 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Topographic Mapping from High Resolution Space Sensors'
Official Publication No. 43 contains the EuroSDR test report and workshop proceedings 'Integrated Sensor Orientation'