Official Publication No. 20 contains the summary of replies to questionnaire on 'Land Information Systems - Commission V - Land Information Systems'
Official Publication No. 19 contains the EuroSDR workshop on 'Spacelab Metric Camera Experiment - Test of Image Accuracy'
Official Publication No. 18 contains the final report on the joint test on 'Gross Error Detection of OEEPE and ISP WGIII/1'
Official Publication No. 17 contains the commission E of the OEEPE 'Influences of Reproduction Techniques on the Identification of Topographic Details on Orthophotomaps'
Official Publication No.16 contains the results of the Vienna test of OEEPE Commission C and the Photogrammetric Versus Terrestrial Town Survey
Official Publication No. 15 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Optimal Emulsions for Large-Scale Mapping - Test of “Steinwedel” - Commission C of the OEEPE 1981-84'
Official Publication No. 12 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Revision of 1:25,000 Topographic Maps by Photogrammetric Methods'
Official Publication No. 14 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Test of Digitising Methods'
Official Publication No. 13 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'On the Accuracy of Photogrammetric Measurements of Buildings' - report on the results of the test “Dordrecht”, carried out by Commission C of the OEEPE.
Official Publication No. 11 contains the '25 années d’activité de l’OEEPE' - '25 Years of OEEPE (Summary)' and the 'Mathematical Models'
Official Publication No. 9 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'The Production of Topographic Maps at 1:10,000 by Photogrammetric Methods - With statistical evaluations, reproductions, style sheet and sample fragments by Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg'
Official Publication No. 10 contains the Résultats complémentaires de l’essai d’Oberriet de l’OEEPE - further results of the photogrammetric tests of the Commission C of the OEEPE
Official Publication No. 8 contains the 'Proceedings of the OEEPE Symposium on Experimental Research on Accuracy of Aerial Triangulation (Results of Oberschwaben Tests)'
Official Publication No.5 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Les recherches expérimentales exécutées sur de longues bandes par la Commission A de l’OEEPE'