Oblique Imagery

Fabio Remondiono and Markus Gerke, "Oblique Imagery"

This EuroSDR project aims to explore oblique imagery potentialities/benefits for mapping purposes. The project includes a survey sent NMCAs in Europe in order to better understand their needs, and tests for evaluating the mapping capabilities.

Together with ISPRS a benchmark has been established - see: http://www2.isprs.org/commissions/comm1/icwg15b/benchmark_main.html

The publications derived from this activity are:

• Remondino, F., Gerke, M., 2015: Oblique aerial imagery – A review. Proc. Photogrammetric Week, pp. 75-83
• Nex, F., Gerke, M., Remondino, F., Przybilla, H.-J., Bäumker, M., Zurhorst, A., 2015: ISPRS benchmark for multi-platform photogrammetry. ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences, Vol. II-3/W4, pp. 135-142. Proc. PIA15+HRIGI15
• Gerke, M., Remondino, F., 2014: Oblique airborne photogrammetry: users' and vendors' views - EuroSDR survey. GIM International, Vol. 28(12)

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