EuroSDR is a not-for-profit organisation linking National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies with Research Institutes, Universities and Companies in Europe for the purpose of applied research in spatial data provision, management and delivery.

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25 May 2023
The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure together with EuroSDR and partners are organizing this workshop on 22-23 November, 2023 in Copenhagen, and welcome your abstracts by 15/09. Please read on for more information.
23 May 2023
We are very pleased to present our 2022 Annual Report which gives an overview of all our activities in 2022.
22 May 2023
Following previous successful workshops in 2015, 2018 and 2020, EuroGeographics and EuroSDR are pleased to announce another workshop on spatial data quality to be held at the International Associations Centre, 40 Rue de Washington, Brussels, Belgium on 11 – 12 October 2023.
27 April 2023
At this workshop, we will discuss the results of the survey to EuroSDR members on EU funding. The workshop will take place on 31 May between 10-12am and is open to all colleagues at EuroSDR members, and in particular those dealing with EU funding or other funding requests.

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'An independent evaluation of RPAS geometric survey quality in the absence of ground information'

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Our 2022 Annual Report gives an overview of all our activities in 2022. These represent the range of research undertaken by EuroSDR across the spectrum of geo-information management.
This survey is one of the first attempts to draw the landscape of the use of AI at National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCAs) in Europe, providing a unique overview of the current use of AI at NMCAs in Europe, and some recommendations.
A half-day workshop was organised by EuroSDR during the 2022 conference of AGILE. It focussed on current experiences developed by EuroSDR members regarding the use of Geographical data and analyses in education and research.