EuroSDR is a not-for-profit organisation linking National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies with Research Institutes and Universities in Europe for the purpose of applied research in spatial data provision, management and delivery.

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29 March 2021

Since 2016, EuroSDR has recognised contemporary PhD theses that have significantly contributed to the development of geoinfor

25 March 2021

As a follow up action of the successful Joint Virtual Workshop organised by EuroSDR in collaboration with EuroGeo

16 March 2021

Register now for the FIG e-Working Week that will take place virtually from 20 until 25 June 2021.

22 February 2021

We are happy to invite you to submit a paper for the IJGI Special Issue about Geo-Information and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

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EuroSDR e-learning courses 2021

  • Spatial Linked (Open) Data pdf
  • GeoBIM – Basic Principles and Use Cases pdf
  • Recent LiDAR technologies pdf
  • Working with Volunteered and Crowdsourced Geographic Information pdf

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Spatial Linked Data in Europe: Report from Spatial Linked Data Session at Knowledge Graph in Action
This workshop report presents the highlights of the EuroGeographics/EuroSDR/OGC/ISO TC 211/ICA workshop on Spatial Data Quality that took place on 28 and 29 January 2020 in Valletta, Malta.
The objective of the survey was to study existing initiatives in terms of practices and projects at EuroSDR organizations to provide data and tools to pupils, students, teachers, and scientists for research and/or education purposes.