EuroSDR (European Spatial Data Research) is a European organisation established by the International Treaty, as OEEPE, in 1953 in Paris in accordance with a recommendation passed by the Council of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation. The spatial data research interests of European countries are represented through the membership in EuroSDR of national organisations from their production and research sectors.

The result is a network of delegates, from European Geographic Information organisations and research institutes, effectively and practically addressing Europe's spatial data research requirements.

Collaborative research projects address the acquisition, management and delivery of spatial data and services while international workshops and courses, in collaboration with related organisations, address key issues in a timely and focussed manner.

The vision of EuroSDR is to be the European research platform for National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies, Academic Institutes, the Private Sector, Industry and User Groups on issues related to the implementation of technology developments with respect to optimising the provision (collection processing, storage, maintenance, visualisation, dissemination and use) of reference information (data serving as a spatial framework for organisations involved in monitoring, management and development) in a Spatial Data Infrastructure context.