2nd Workshop | Geoprocessing and Archiving of Historial Aerial Images

6 September 2022

In the last years the availability of digitised historical aerial images is increasing. Such historical datasets are a unique and quite unexplored means to map territorial changes and chronicle land-cover information over the past 100 years with very high spatial and temporal resolutions. 3D information can also be retrieved since many surveys were performed under photogrammetric conditions. Therefore, both long-term environmental monitoring studies and historical object detection can be based on the analysis of these very rich time series of images.

EuroSDR is observing the increasing number of scientific works and digitisation / archiving activities related to historical airborne images in parallel to an increasing effort of local and national mapping authorities for creating web-based platforms to give access to such archives. A first workshop on these topics was organised in 2019 at IGN Paris
 while a benchmark was launched in 2021.

Following this momentum, EuroSDR is organizing the 2nd workshop on the geoprocessing and archiving of historical aerial images which will take place in Rome on 5-6 December 2022.

Presentations will be made by representatives from industry, NMCAs and academia.

If you are willing to present your work, please contact Fabio Remondino