Eurosdr-AGILE-ICA Seminar: Mapping Places for Digital Natives

13 November 2017

‘Digital natives’ refer to the generation who was born in a society with rampant digital technologies. Whatever the position of digital natives in the life cycle of geographical information, producer or user, it is quite possible that their expectations and capacities will differ from these of the former generation. This seminar is co-organized by EuroSDR Commission 4 on information usage, AGILE and ICA Commission on cognitive issues in geographic information visualization to bring together scientists and practitioners to study what do the literature or national mapping agencies’ experience tell us about the following questions:

  • What will be meaningful places and relevant user tasks and decisions about places for this generation, requiring maps? Digital technologies change our relationship to space and to people hence to what we call places. 

  • What will be usable maps for this generation? Digital technologies change our relationship to programs hence to geodatabases and to algorithms thanks to smart assistants and pervasive architectures.

 More information can be found here.