Remember to submit your abstract for the workshop on data ecosystems and spatial data infrastructure, 12-13 December in Copenhagen

6 September 2023

Join us on the 12th and 13th of December, 2023 in Copenhagen and participate in  this exclusive workshop. In a mixture of presentations, discussions and networking the workshop aims to; identify concepts, challenges, research topics, best practice recommendations and spur collaboration across domains and sectors.

If you wish to contribute to this workshop please submit an abstract by the 15th of September, 2023 to

MBK, Pilestraede 61, 1112 Copenhagen, Denmark, located about 500 meters from S-Train station going to and from the airport and the central rail station (link

Social activity and networking
The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure will host a dinner for the participants on the 12th.

Workshop description
The world is becoming more and more data driven. There are many ways to collect, analyse and disseminate data, and data ecosystems are among the most important environments that we have for facilitating this. Spatial data is one of the data types in data ecosystems, and data ecosystems play a key role in further value creation of the spatial data created, maintained and shared in the SDI.

The workshop aims at providing insights in data ecosystems in the context of spatial data infrastructure (SDI), identifying concepts and challenges to uncover relevant research topics, encouraging development of best practice recommendations and spur collaboration on use cases across domains and sectors. The workshop will also make room for networking and knowledge exchange among the participants.

Call for Abstracts:
Abstracts may come from business developers, researchers, data providers and users with an interest in ecosystems and spatial data.

Potential content might address:

·        The role that SDI might play in future value creation

·        How data ecosystems can contribute to a demand driven approach to data creation, maintenance, and dissemination

·        How value creation can be secured for all participants in the ecosystem (commercial, government, scientific, citizen)

·        How to create strong incentives – Business- and financial models

·        What are the governance mechanisms to strengthen the data circulation in the ecosystem?

·        Any other topic somehow related to the topic is more than welcome.

The abstracts should include the presentation title, presenter name, link with the workshop topic and explain in a few text blocks the main content of the presentation. The maximum size of the abstract is 1 page.

The abstracts will be published in the indexed Official Publication Series of EuroSDR.
A summary report with findings, presentations and potential research and collaboration topics will be drafted and shared after the workshop.

Duration of presentation 15 min. + additional 5 min for Q/A.


Registration for the workshop will open in late September. We will limit the number of participants to 25 in order to better facilitate dialogue and networking.

Program Committee

The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure, EuroSDR, KU Leuven, TU Delft IGN France, DAFAGO and Geoforum Denmark.