Krzysztof Bakuła

Delegate Poland (academia)

Short biography

Krzysztof Bakuła, from Warsaw University of Technology, is Second Delegate of Poland. He is employed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Systems. He is interested in analysis and application of multi-sourced data (photogrammetric and LIDAR). He conducts lectures and exercises in the following courses: geodesy and cartography, spatial planning, geoinformatics and is involved in works of ISPRS, Polish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and Association of Polish Surveyors.

About Warsaw University 

Warsaw University of Technology builds upon the traditions of Polish technical universities that used to function in Warsaw – the Polytechnic Institute founded in 1826 thanks to the efforts of Stanisław Staszic and the School of Hipolit Wawelberg and Stanisław Rotwand established in 1895.

Warsaw University of Technology started on its own in 1915 thanks to the efforts of the Association for Scientific Courses and the Citizens’ Committee of the City of Warsaw. Working uninterruptedly, the University has been producing generations of graduates and has had an increasing number of scientific and technical achievements.

It is not only the oldest, but also the best technical university in Poland; in the ranking of Polish universities, it has taken the first place in its category for nine years. At Warsaw University of Technology, over 180 student research groups, organisations and associations are active, and the educational offer includes more than 30 fields of study (also with English as a medium of instruction).