Official Publication No. 20 contains the summary of replies to questionnaire on 'Land Information Systems - Commission V - Land Information Systems'
Official Publication No. 19 contains the EuroSDR workshop on 'Spacelab Metric Camera Experiment - Test of Image Accuracy'
Official Publication No. 18 contains the final report on the joint test on 'Gross Error Detection of OEEPE and ISP WGIII/1'
Official Publication No. 17 contains the commission E of the OEEPE 'Influences of Reproduction Techniques on the Identification of Topographic Details on Orthophotomaps'
Official Publication No.16 contains the results of the Vienna test of OEEPE Commission C and the Photogrammetric Versus Terrestrial Town Survey
Official Publication No. 15 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Optimal Emulsions for Large-Scale Mapping - Test of “Steinwedel” - Commission C of the OEEPE 1981-84'
Official Publication No. 14 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Test of Digitising Methods'
Official Publication No. 13 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'On the Accuracy of Photogrammetric Measurements of Buildings' - report on the results of the test “Dordrecht”, carried out by Commission C of the OEEPE.
Official Publication No. 12 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Revision of 1:25,000 Topographic Maps by Photogrammetric Methods'
Official Publication No. 11 contains the '25 années d’activité de l’OEEPE' - '25 Years of OEEPE (Summary)' and the 'Mathematical Models'
Official Publication No. 10 contains the Résultats complémentaires de l’essai d’Oberriet de l’OEEPE - further results of the photogrammetric tests of the Commission C of the OEEPE
Official Publication No. 9 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'The Production of Topographic Maps at 1:10,000 by Photogrammetric Methods - With statistical evaluations, reproductions, style sheet and sample fragments by Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg'
Official Publication No. 8 contains the 'Proceedings of the OEEPE Symposium on Experimental Research on Accuracy of Aerial Triangulation (Results of Oberschwaben Tests)'
Official Publication No. 7 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Etude expérimentale de l’aérotiangulation semi-analytique. Rapport sur l’essai 'Gramastetten'