Official Publication No. 75 (2023)

Automated Extraction of Topographic Map Data from Remotely Sensed Imagery by Classification and Cartographic Enhancement: An Introduction to New Mapping Tools
automated extraction, topography, remote sensing, mapping tools

Courses about new developments in the mapping sciences have been carried out by EuroSDR since 2002. They were designed as blended learning, which means that teachers and participants/students met face-to-face in a two-day pre-course seminar and the e-learning took place by means of virtual communication for two weeks thereafter. In this period the teachers were present on the Internet answering questions and correcting the assignments within a short time.

The course “Automatic topographic mapping through description and classification of remotely sensed imagery and cartographic enhancement” was part of the EuroSDR Educational Service in 2018 and 2019 which were held together with professor Sébastien Lefèvre, Université Bretagne Sud. Now, the course material is opened for self-learning, but no support is given anymore by the teachers. However, the course material has been adapted by the authors of the book to this new condition. This book describes the course material of this e-learning course, and it can be used as supplementary material to the course content that is available online. It may also serve as an example for designing course material of new courses.