Workshop report - EUnet4DBP (2021)

This workshop report presents the highlights of the EUnet4DBP International workshop on Digital Building Permit that took place on 25 and 26 March 2021.
digitalisation, automation, Digital Building Permit, GeoBIM

The digitalization and automation of building permit issuing processes are current interest of a huge and diverse community, including academia, municipalities, building designers, software developers and many other stakeholders that need to collaborate to find proper solutions. For this reason and with such a goal, the European network for digital building permit (EUnet4DBP) was initiated. On the 25th and 26th March 2021, a workshop was organized by the EUnet4DBP, together with EuroSDR, buildingSMART and the EU-BIM task group. The goal of the event was to gather presentations about some relevant works on the topic, as a ground of discussion for an international, intersectoral and multidisciplinary audience to raise awareness about the state of the art, relevant pilots and lead experiments, but also about the common challenges and current state of practice. Such a knowledge exchange is expected to lay the basis for the future developments.

In this report, after an introduction to the topic and the EUnet4DBP, the abstracts related to the presentations are collected. The highlights about lessons learnt and take-home messages are summarized in the end.