Official Publication No. 35 contains the OEEPE survey on '3D-city models' and the 'Performance of Tie-Point Extraction in Automatic Aerial Triangulation'
Official Publication No. 36 contains the workshops 'Revision Measurement of Large Scale Topographic Data', 'Automatic Orientation of Aerial Images on Database Information', 'Comparison of National Guidelines for Technical and Cadastral Mapping in Europe'
Official Publication No. 37 contains the proceedings of the OEEPE workshop on 'Automation in Digital Photogrammetric Production'
Official Publication No. 38 contains the proceedings of the OEEPE workshops on 'National Mapping Agencies and the Internet' and on 'Precision Terrain Models for Civil Engineering'
Official Publication No. 39 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Automatic Generalisation Project: Learning Process from Interactive Generalisation'
Official Publication No. 4 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Sur la précision de mesures photogrammétriques de coordonnées en terrain montagneux' - rapport sur les résultats de l’essai de Reichenbach de la Commission C de l’OEEPE'
Official Publication No. 40 contains the OEEPE workshop on 'Airborne Laserscanning and Interferometric SAR for Detailed Digital Elevation Models'
Official Publication No. 41 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'A Structural Approach to the Management and Optimization of Geoinformation Processes'
Official Publication No. 42 contains the OEEPE/ISPRS workshop 'From 2D to 3D - Establishment and Maintenance of National Core Geospatial Databases' and the OEEPE workshop 'Use of XML/GML'
Official Publication No. 43 contains the EuroSDR test report and workshop proceedings 'Integrated Sensor Orientation'
Official Publication No. 44 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'Topographic Mapping from High Resolution Space Sensors'
Official Publication No. 45 contains the OEEPE workshop on 'Next Generation Spatial Database'- 2005 and the OEEPE/ISPRS joint workshop on 'Spatial Data Quality Management'
Official Publication No. 46 contains the EuroSDR workshop 'From OEEPE to EuroSDR: 50 years of European Spatial Data Research and beyond'
Official Publication No. 47 contains the proceedings of EuroSDR Workshop 'Visualisation and Rendering'