EuroCOW 2010

10 - 12 February 2010 (Castelldefels, Spain)

The workshop is concerned with recent advances in the areas of Sensor Calibration and Orientation.


  • Orientation and calibration of sensors
  • Orientation and calibration of multi-sensor systems
  • Standardization, certification and operational performance
  • GNSS navigation and positioning
  • INGS/GNSS positioning, velocity and attitude determination
  • sensor navigation and orientation in difficult environments



Related publications

Official Publication No. 57 (2008)
Official Publication No. 57 contains the final reports of the EuroSDR Workshop 'Crowd Sourcing for Updating National Databases' and 'International Calibration and Orientation Workshop EuroCOW 2010' and the EuroSDR Project 'Virtual Globes'.