Use of algorithms on big DEM’s - Better utilization of national detailed elevation models

4 - 5 April 2018 (Tønsberg, Norway)

Kartverket and EuroSDR organized the workshop on "the use of algortihms on big DEM's" in Tønsberg, Norway in the beginning of April.

The workshop summary and all presentations are available here:


The workshop program concentrated on two main areas:

  • New sensors and technology  

    • Big data analysis

    • Multispectral ALS

    • Single photon LiDAR

  • Automatic or semi-automatic processes on feature extraction from point clouds  

    • Detection of water bodies from Dense Image Matching (DIM)

    • Automatic river network extraction from LiDAR data  

    • Hydro flattening, water body detection from LiDAR

    • Detection of power lines and obstacles from LiDAR

All powerpoint presentations can be downloaded below. Click here to download the workshop report.

Day 1

  • Introduction (pdf)
  • EuroSDR in a nutshell (pdf)

Session 1: Key notes

  • iQmulus - A High-volume Fusion and Analysis Platform for Geospatial Point Clouds - Tor Dokken, SINTEF (pdf)
  • Introduction to Point Cloud Processing - Xinlian Liang, FGI (pdf)

Session 2: New sensors

  • LiDAR data capture with sensor SPL100 in the Region of Navarra - Victor Garcia, Tracasa (pdf)
  • New possibilities with multispectral and hyperspectral point clouds - Dagryn Aarsten, Terratec AS (pdf)

Session 3: Water detection

  • Detection of Waterbodies from Dense Point Clouds - Christian Malmquist and Jon Moe, NMA (pdf)
  • Automatic river network extraction from LiDAT data - Jesus Maria Garrido Saenz de Tejada, IGN (pdf)

Session 4: Break out


Day 2

Session 5: Bathy LiDAR

  • Large scale Bathymetric LiDAR for shallow water - Jon Moe and Boele Kuipers, NMA (pdf)

Session 6: Feature extraction

  • Feature extraction potential in the Norwegian national detailed elevation model - Arkadiusz Szadkowski, Terratec AS (pdf)
  • Detection of power lines and obstacles for aviation using national LiDAR data - Jesus Maria Garrido Saenz de Tejada, IGN (pdf)

Session 7: Break out

A more detailed program can be downloaded here.

Organizing committee

  • Juha Hyyppä, Finnish Land Survey (Finland)      
  • Adam Andrzejewski, Gugik (Poland)
  • Julián Hernández Delgado and Jesús María Garrido Sáenz de Tejada, IGN (Spain)
  • Christian Malmquist, Håkon Dåsnes and Jon Arne Trollvik, Norwegian Mapping Authority (Norway)

Practical information

The workshop took place on April 4th and 5th from noon to noon. A common dinner was organized on Wednesday evening somewhere in Tønsberg.