Workshop Data Ecosystems and Spatial Data Infrastructure

12 - 13 December 2023 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Update: This workshop has passed; you can find the presentations linked below. 

Date: 12th and 13th of December, 2023

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Workshop description
The world is becoming more and more data driven. There are many ways to collect, analyse and disseminate data, and data ecosystems are among the most important environments that we have for facilitating this. Spatial data is one of the data types in data ecosystems, and data ecosystems play a key role in further value creation of the spatial data created, maintained and shared in the SDI.

The workshop aims at providing insights in data ecosystems in the context of spatial data infrastructure (SDI), identifying concepts and challenges to uncover relevant research topics, encouraging development of best practice recommendations and spur collaboration on use cases across domains and sectors. The workshop will also make room for networking and knowledge exchange among the participants.

Program Committee

The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure, EuroSDR, KU Leuven, TU Delft IGN France, DAFAGO and Geoforum Denmark.


Time AuthorTitle
Topic 1 Moving from spatial data infrastructure (SDI) to data ecosystems (DE)
12:30Sine Valbjørn SchlüterWelcome, practicalities, scope and expectations
12:40Alexander KotsevBeyond SDI - Evolution towards the Common European Green Deal Data Space
13:00Serena CoetzeeChallenges and opportunities for spatial data infrastructures in the emerging and evolving geospatial ecosystem
13:20Lea SchickData Spaces – EU’s visions for alternative data exchange infrastructures
13:50Breakout session 
Topic 2 Value creation for all stakeholders – From supplier-driven to demand-driven
14:30Karoline Arnfinnsdatter SkaarReference Frames: The foundation of Spatial Data Infrastructure
14:50Lars HäggBuilding a digital infrastructure for local data on a national level
15:10Line HvingelTrying to grasp the role of being the owner of open public data
15:50Thorben HansenDemand-driven improvement of government geodata
16:10Lars BodumThe Digital Underground - Enhancing Documentation and Safeguarding of Our Technical Infrastructure in Subterranean Environments
16:30Breakout session 
09:00Welcome day 2Recap and practicalities
Topic 3 Development of data ecosystems – New business and financial models
09:10María Elena López ReyesNavigating the Ecosystem Perspective to Maximise the Value of Open Government Data
09:30Ashraf ShaharudinDesigning Sustainable Business Models for Open Data Intermediaries
10:10Stig Fredslund KjeldsenA data space approach to a green, coherent and energy efficient utility sector 
10:30Peter Knudsen & Nils Mulvad

DAFAGO - Intro

DAFAGO – Danish forum for private sector working with Basic Data and other public data

10.5Short break 
11:00Breakout session 
11:45Wrap-up and feedback