Commission 3: Information Usage and Visualization

The mission of Commission 3 is to explore, demonstrate and contribute to further increase the usage, access, distribution and visualisation of authorised geospatial data as well as to investigate better service mechanisms for the dissemination of geodata from database to end-users.

Terms of Reference
- User demand analysis
- Domain integration
- Networked systems design and implementation (NSDI), geoportals, INSPIRE,
- GeoWeb
, Copernicus
- Distribution and access to geodata
- Geospatial information retrieval
- Protocols for data distribution on distributed architectures, possibly services oriented (Linked Data, GML, WMS, WFS, WS, etc.)
- Earth observation services (Copernicus)
- Smart city
- Digital twins
- Visualisation
- NMCA data/services for specific/new products (UNGGM, SDG, etc.)
- Metadata
- Archiving and storing data



Martijn Rijsdijk