EuroSDR/Eurogeographics Seminar - Use of INSPIRE Data: past experiences and scenarios for the future

18 June 2018

The INSPIRE Directive aims at creating a European Union spatial data infrastructure for the purposes of EU policies or activities related to the environment. This vision theoretically refers to a large list of usages like policy-making across boundaries, research, and communication to the citizen. INSPIRE data refers to data that have been or will be published in this European data infrastructure. Specific data requirements are seen as a necessary step to enhance reusability of data across European situations, respecting the diversity of physical geographies and of cultures. Whereas the implementation of data service conforming to INSPIRE implementation rules is recognized to have positive impact regarding the general principles aiming to build the European Spatial Data Infrastructure and has brought significant progress on data discovery, there are lots of doubts regarding the benefits of interoperability. Until now, it seems there are very few users of the INSPIRE compliant data. This workshop is co-organised by the EuroGeographics INSPIRE KEN (Knowledge Exchange Network) and by EuroSDR (Commission 4 on information usage) to share our experiences and scenarios for the future. It is open to the different communities –practitioners and scientists– who can contribute to achieve the INSPIRE vision.

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