Identifying the Economic Value of 3D Geoinformation

30 - 31 March 2017 (Barcelona, Spain)

Start: Thursday 30th of March, 14:00
End: Friday 31st of March, 13:00
Location: ICGC Barcelona, Parc de Montjuïc, 08038 Barcelona
Contact persons: Joep Crompvoets ( and Jantien Stoter (

Aim of the workshop

From December 2015 until March 2017, the EuroSDR 3D Special Interest Group (in cooperation with the company ConsultingWhere) carried out a project to identify “the economic value of 3D data for National Mapping Agencies (NMAs)”.

The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss the results with the participants as well as the steps for future work.


The workshop is open to everyone interested in the topic. Registration via

Summary of the project

The aim of the project was to give the 10 participating NMAs understanding in the business case of 3D data: in what applications does a 3D approach give added value?; what are the required 3D data for these applications; and, what are the costs and benefits to collect and maintain these 3D data nationwide?

Six use cases were selected for a value chain analysis. These analyses have been carried out with the main stakeholders in a workshop organised for each of them. The six selected use cases are:

a. Better Forestry Management, Finland

b. Urban Planning, Ireland

c. Asset Management, UK

d. Flood Management, France & Switzerland

e. Security and Safety, Belgium

f. 3D Cadastre/ 3D Valuation, Netherlands

In a follow-up step, two of these use cases were selected for further study, i.e. to quantify the benefits and costs for the 3D geoinformation value chain. The selected use cases are “Flood Management” and “Urban Planning”.

During the workshop, the value chain of the six use cases will be presented in detail (30 minutes for each use case) and the cost/benefit analysis for the two selected use cases will be discussed. Finally, the main conclusions about the business case of 3D data for NMAs will be discussed with the participants.


A detailed agenda of the workshop can be found here.

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  • Commission chair 5: Joep Crompvoets
  • Commission chair 2: Jantien Stoter

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