Distribution of Historical and Time Stamped Data

EuroSDR historical and time stamped activities focus on the development of new functionalities above geographical data that have been replaced by newer data, e.g. archived data or more recent data. 

The technical group has been constituted to analyze the interoperability potential of current implementations, the codes and libraries that are used, maybe component by component, possibly propose one unified API for developers, study what are common pipelines and pre-processes, and possibly propose consistent GUI patterns for users who use the graphical interfaces.

Almost three years after the EuroSDR workshop on graphical interfaces for historical data (Paris, June 2017), the commission is circulating a questionnaire surveying current solutions to distribute as well as room and interest for mutualisation among EuroSDR members and our network. The answers will be compiled and shared with the contact persons. Do not hesitate to circulate it in your network. Please return your answer by May 31st.  A report will be prepared and presented at the next board of delegates early October 2020.


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Seminar Report - Graphical Interfaces for Historical Data (2017)
This report presents the highlights of the EuroSDR seminar on graphical interfaces for historical data, which took place in Saint Mandé (near Paris, France), on June 26th 2017.

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