Preparation for the Sentinel-2 in Europe (2nd workshop)

11 - 12 October 2016 (Norwegian Space Centre)

EuroSDR, Norway Digital and Norwegian Space Centre organised the 2nd workshop “Preparation for the Sentinel-2 in Europe”. The workshop took place in Oslo on October 11th and 12th 2016 at the premises of the Norwegian Space Centre. The main objective was to initiate contact and collaboration among European mapping agencies, institutes and companies involved in work to support national users of data from the fleet of Sentinel satellites, with special focus on Sentinel-2.

It is almost two years since the first workshop. Since then, Sentinel-1A, 1B, 2A  and 3A are all operational and data are available from ESA’s hub. Some countries have already established a Collaborative GS that serve national users or are in progress building a system. What are the experiences with handling big data and the user demands? What is required of the system to serve all types of use cases? What is the status of ESA’s Core GS and what are the plans for the next years?

We shared experiences and knowledge gained in the preparations for Sentinel-1, and -2 in each country; identified common challenges and discussed possible solutions; identified fields of possible cooperation and R&D.

Program committee: Arnt Kristian Gjertsen, The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy; Guro Dahle Strøm and Ola Nordbeck, Norwegian Space Centre; Sebastien Giordano, IGN-France; Line Langkaas and Jon Arne Trollvik, Norwegian Mapping Authority.

The workshop was free of charge, coffee breaks and lunch both days included.

Deadline for registration: September 15th 2016

Maximum number of participants: 50

For more information about the program and registration, go to

Workshop presentations are available here:

  • Introduction (pdf)
  • Presentation 'Mission Status, Data Access and Outlook' - Bianca Hoersch (pdf)
  • Presentation 'Products, Data Quality and Evolution' - Ferran Gascon (pdf)
  • Presentation 'From Rapid Development to Operational Processing: Sentinel Data User's Support provided by ESA's SNAP' - Carsten Brockmann (pdf)
  • Presentation 'The French Theia Land Data Center Products based on Sentinel-2 Data' - Olivier Hagolle (pdf)
  • Presentation 'Status of the Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC) Services' - Christian Briese & EODC Team (pdf)
  • Presentation 'Status of Preparations for the Sentinels in Sweden. Validation and Applications of Data from Sentinel-2' - Mats Rosengren (pdf)
  • Presentation 'Norwegian preparations for the National Ground Segment' - Anja Stromme (pdf)
  • Presentation 'Improved Crop Map Production by Joint Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Images Time Series' - J. Inglada, M. Arias, A. Vincent, B. Tardy, D. Morin, J. Michel, O. Hagolle (pdf part 1) (pdf part 2)
  • Presentations break-out session: group 1 (pdf), group 2 (pdf), group 3 (pdf), group 4 (pdf), group 5 (pdf)
  • Summary (pdf)